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Date: 16-17 September 2020
Venue: University of Johannesburg

The multiple dynamics of religion in mitigating and instigating social change has been thoroughly researched. Issues such as Islamaphobia, xenophobia, and gender-based violence are intimately connected to religion, gender, and race as personal, social, and political categorisations. For the 42nd ASRSA conference, the organizers invite paper and panel abstracts that offer theoretical, methodological, and empirical insight into the complicated ways that religion, gender, and race overlap. The conference offers a space for deeper reflection of these classifications and the corporeal realities in which they are constituted.

In the context of the decolonization of knowledge and the calls for intersectional approaches to the study of human phenomena we welcome submissions that attempt to work within the race, religion, gender triangulation however, the committee is equally inviting of submissions that endeavor to go beyond this framework or which focus on one of these topics.

Abstracts and/or session proposals can (but are not restricted to) include the following themes:

Transgender Identity and religion
Religion and sexuality
Intersectional perspectives of religion
Race, Class, gender and religion
Gendered knowledge/practice and religion
Activism and
Racism and Religion Racialization(s) of religion
Decolonising the study of religion
Religious activism, race and gender
Secularism and racism
Non-religion and race
Religious privilege and discrimination
The New Religious Right
Race and African traditional religions
Religious Education and Race

Registration fee: R 1500 for the two days, or R 500 per day.

Students: R500 for days for R 300 per day (local students should please contact the organisers should they wish to attend and are able to pay the fee)


21 February 2020

  • Submission of abstracts: 200 words
  • Session Proposal: No more than four papers per panel. Four abstracts and one panel abstract to be submitted by the convener and each participant.
  • Open session: Poster Presentation by students (Expression of Interest: 200 words)
  • Creative inputs: Including photographic exhibitions, film screenings, meet the author sessions (200 words explanatory note)

Decision of acceptance: 15 March 2020 


  • The first issue of the 2021 edition of the Journal for the Study of Religion will publish full papers from the conference
  • The first volume of the 2021 edition of the African Journal of Gender and Religion will publish full papers from the conference
Religion, Gender, and Race – 42nd ASRSA Conference